HVR-02[Natural Sapelli]
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Product Description:



Natural Sapelli Roll


Any clolor is available,such as ash,sapele,teak,beech,walnut,wenge,cherry,oak and so on.


Type of veneer: sapell, ash, cherry, oak, teak, beech, walnut, wenge, bubinga, red wood , rose wood, red walnut, ebony, padauk, red birch, banboo.


Width: 2.75-4.0*640-1020*2000-2150mm
Height: 2100-2150mm


A) Density: Above 0.90g/cm³
B) Moisture: 5-9%
C) Water absorption rate: <28%
D) Length tolerance: <2.0mm
E) Width tolerance: <2.0mm
F) Thickness tolerance: <0.1mm
G) Modulus of elasticity: <40Mpa.


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